As we look at the year 2020 and shake our collective heads, we can only sigh and look to the future.  Spain has its great 2020 catchphrase: ”Spain will wait”.  Letting us know that they are waiting for us.

Portugal is so excited about their Portugal Clean and Safe program that they are considered the world’s top and safest (clean) country to travel to.  Portugal’s catchphrase is “Can’t Skip Opening/Can’t skip Portugal”.

Unfortunately, the European Union has blocked North Americans from traveling to its member countries for now.  Countries that are open to Americans are Tahiti, Aruba, Croatia, Maldives, Egypt, Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, parts of Mexico, and Jamaica.

It is also becoming very popular to take a driving trip to see some of the countrysides of the United States.  Some national parks are easy to access and others require passes and reservations in advance.

So if you are looking to next year, or a late fall or early winter USA trip, give me a call or drop me a line.  I have lots of ideas.  Please enjoy the photo of me in Morocco.

-Maureen, Travel Advisor

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