The only Kingdom of Polynesia, Tonga is nestled in the South Pacific and has over 170 islands.
Vava’u is a group of hilly islands whose fjord-like harbor makes it one of the South Pacific’s most popular yachting destinations. The low islands of the Ha’apai group seems to have changed little since the crew of HMS Bounty staged their mutiny just offshore in 1789. Visiting Vava’u is extremely pleasant to the eyes, and you should make every effort to see it and its multitudinous islets.
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Insiders on: Tonga

  • Weather: The average temperature is 75 degrees. In summer from December through April it is warmer and more humid; the winter months of May through November are a bit cooler and drier.
  • Currency: pa’anga
  • Transportation: Domestic air between the islands, taxis, rental cars, water taxis, and tour guides.