Tahiti is the popular name for the French Polynesian Islands in the South Pacific. It consists of five main island groups, or archipelagos. In Tahiti you will find some of the most beautiful sights and people in the world.
Stay in one of Tahiti’s famous thatched-roof bungalows, tour a Tahitian pearl farm, experience an authentic Polynesian Spa, see a Tahitian wedding ceremony (or have one of your own now that they are legal!), or enjoy a private picnic on your own motu (tiny islet). Surfing and diving is excellent here.
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  • Weather: Tahiti enjoys warm weather and warm water year round with an average temperature of 79 degrees.
  • Currency: French Pacific Franc; Euros and the U.S. Dollar are widely accepted as well.
  • Transportation: Domestic and private planes; helicopter, catamaran. Most islands have wonderful guided tours, or you can rent your own vehicle.


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