Peru is the center of the Incan Empire, Spain’s South American Empire, has beautiful colonial architecture, and wonderful food.
Chan Chan — impressive set of ruins of an ancient Chimor mud city
Chavín de Huántar — archaeological site from the pre-Incan Chavin culture of around 900BC
Huascarán National Park — high mountain park in Cordillera Blanca range
Lake Titicaca — considered to be the highest commercially navigable body of water in the world. See the note below about coca tea.
Machu Picchu — Trek to it on the Inca Trail — this one of the most familiar symbols of the Incan Empire, and is one of the most famous and spectacular sets of ruins in the world. A word to the wise: this is at an extremely high altitude. The locals recommend coca tea for any headaches.
Manú National Park — one of the most diverse areas in Peru with amazing tropical wildlife including pink dolphins, jaguars, giant river otters, primates, 4,000 types of butterflies and one-third of the world’s 8,600 bird species.
Nazca lines — famous for giant drawings in the desert sand and geometric figures
Río Abiseo National Park
Máncora — small beach town with great beaches and surf; a fun party place on weekends and holidays

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  • Official Language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
  • Currency: Nuevo sol (PEN)
  • Highlights: Machu Picchu

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