SILVERSEA World Cruises by AMT American Express Travel

With wonders as deep and rich as its great waters, the Pacific Ocean has entranced and inspired since the beginning of time. Join Silversea’s Grand Pacific Voyage 2009 and find yourself as legendary seafarers and wizened elders once did on a quest to bridge East with West, to discover lush tropical islands formed in the furious upheaval of volcanic energy, to locate remote kingdoms long hidden in isolation. The adventure begins in Los Angeles and unfolds through the course of an exciting 92-day expedition.
Explore 45 ports in 15 countries and 2 hemispheres on your own journey of discovery. Your epic saga will tell of exotic destinations alive with the promise of otherworldly landscapes and illustrate in unforgettable detail the sumptuous bliss of travelling aboard Silversea’s elegantSilver Shadow®. The Silver Shadow® offers seven decks chock full of entertainment and activity. Beginning with deck four, guests will find the convivial, contemporary restaurant experience complete with open seating. Deck five holds the casino with all the favorites—roulette, blackjack, poker, and slot machines; as well as the bar, where guests can indulge in cocktails, canapés, and conversation. Deck five also has boutiques where passengers can browse for designer jewelry, the latest fashions, and perfume. Deck six is where passengers can take in entertaining performances and shows from multi-tiered seating. Deck seven boasts al fresco dining by day and Italian specialties by night. Le Champagne is the place for gourmet cuisine and fine wines while The Humidor by Davidoff offers cigars and cognacs for the connoisseur. Deck eight holds the comfortably heated pool which is flanked by two whirlpools; the library with an extensive selection of novels and movies, the internet café, and The Panorama Lounge for live music and dancing. Last but not least remains deck ten, where passengers can take advantage of state-of-the-art gym equipment, energizing fitness classes, pampering treatments, steam rooms, and the sauna. The Beauty Salon is also on deck ten, where full service styling for hair and nails is available. The Observation Lounge is a quiet sanctuary designed for passengers to experience a calm view of the sky and sea. Spacious yet intimate with only 382 fellow guests, experience an inviting onboard camaraderie and Silversea’s renowned level of refined service. A leisurely , luxurious voyage designed exclusively for the true travel enthusiast. Delve into a sea of enriching, authentic experiences aboard Silversea’s Grand Pacific Voyage. With Silversea as your personal guide, each destination opens up like a hand-painted Russian matryoshka doll, revealing layer upon layer of history reflected in the cultures and traditions of today. Guests aboard will pursue a paradise of pristine beaches awash in vivid sunsets and heed the ages old call of New Zealand and Australia. Weave between Indonesia’s scattered island gems while uncovering the mysteries of the Far East. Venture into the great northeast wilderness and, like the Inuit, find great meaning in all of nature. Silversea’s passengers will dive beneath the surface of cultures, searching for hidden pearls tucked away but well within reach by a little bit of exploration. Each of these pearls will be unique and immaculate, prized possessions to treasure forever. Each inextricably linked to the next in a chain that encircles the Pacific and connects each traveler with those who have traveled these waters before. Trace your own path and return home with a collection of memories strung together, a chain of sparkling new jewels captured from the deep depths of the glittering Pacific. Silversea will even arrange your pre- and post-cruise flights, so you can relax and let your holiday begin immediately. Silversea partners with the world’s finest airlines to match your cruise itinerary with the best available flight schedules for the ultimate ease in travel. Includes roundtrip Economy Class airfare, ground transportation, and baggage handling between airport, hotel, and ship. Offered from 75 American and Canadian gateways, Silversea will go above and beyond to make your travel fantasies a reality.