Pay with Points

Get the most out of your Membership Rewards points. Axis Travel staff are authorized by American Express to allow you tom use your AMEX points towards absolutely any Travel item you ask us to book or service. Any Airline, any airfare, any Cruise, any product, any taxes, any visa and even the purchasing or foreign monies! You can either email us after completing simple questions ONLINE or contact us with relevant name and card data and our staff will attend to the redemption of your AMEX “Membership Reward” points into cash value . Redeem your points and enjoy:
  • $100 worth of travel for every 10,000 points you redeem;
  • no restrictions on where or when you can travel to;
  • Points that can be used instantly when booking your travel- with option to pay any residue monies should you not have enough points. That is not a problem.
  • the ability to redeem for any type of travel item you want, from flights to insurance; to taxes, to Cruises to Gift Vouchers and the flexibility of using any combination of your points plus a payment on your Card
When you book your travel with AMT American Express Travel, an authorized American Express  Office , not only will you be looked after by experienced consultants, you also get a flexible range of travel choices — with no restrictions on dates, times or locations. Which means you can travel anywhere, anytime you choose.

So, enjoy a holiday, a day’s car hire or simply use your points to reduce your overall total travel bill — it’s all within your reach with Membership Rewards points.
  • Only available to Membership Rewards Ascent or Choices enrolled Card members. Membership Rewards enrollment required (an annual fee may apply). Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Membership Rewards program.Subject to airline and hotel availability.
  • If redeeming with Points + Pay, the ‘pay’ component of your reward will be automatically billed to your Primary Card Account and will appear on the first billing statement following redemption. Membership Rewards points will not accrue in respect of the ‘pay’ component of the Points + Pay rewards redemption.
Axis Travel regards this as the very best generic and easy-to-use Membership scheme in the world.
  • No Airline, Supplier or other Travel item embargo or restriction. Use your held points for virtually any Travel component booked via AMT, an American Express Travel Representative, including Air ticket taxes, fees and even Visa costs!
  • Redeem your American Express Membership Rewards points for any travel at anytime – Most American Express Card members enrolled in Membership Rewards are able to redeem their points for virtually any type of travel. Redemption of points is available exclusively through the AMT American Express travel.
  • Points can be used to pay for any travel booking, either partially or fully, including for accommodation, cruises, and airfares with any airlines, packages, insurance and more.
  • Key Features of American Express Travel * Virtually any type of travel, anytime with no blackout periods whatsoever * Includes any airline, any seats, both domestic or international * Use the points for family or friends, not just the card member
  • Pay for travel entirely with points or in combination with payment
  • A nominal service fee applies of $55 per Domestic transfer transaction and/or $110 per International transfer transaction applies. You can have as many travellers as you want benefit from each transaction transfer as this fee applies per transaction , not per traveler (e.g. transfer 200,000 points to obtain 2 free air tickets, travel insurance and a hotel or cruise booking and you only pay the one Fee). We make it a simple process to redeem your points – start today!
  • MEMBERSHIP REWARDS does not compete against Frequent Flyer programs worldwide. It is a separate program that was developed by American Express to assist their valued clients in extracting excellent value-for-money for their hard earned Membership Reward points accrued.

How to start redeeming your Points call today.   800-999-2599

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