Pay with Points

Use Membership Rewards®

Pay with Points for your next vacation

The Membership Rewards® program is better than ever. In addition to providing access to over 20 airline and 250 hotel partners, when you book your vacation on the American Express Vacations website, you can use Membership Rewards Pay with Points towards all or part of your vacation. You can choose to use Pay with Points towards the entire vacation, just the deposit, or as much of the vacation as your points can cover. The choice is yours. Whether you wish to visit the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or the Pacific, you’ll find a wide selection of vacation packages to choose from with competitive pricing on the American Express Vacations website.

Here’s how simple it is:

  1. Search for and select the vacation itinerary of your choosing.
  2. Enter your passenger information.
  3. When it’s time to check out, enter your Membership Rewards enrolled American Express Card information and select “Yes” to find out how many Membership Rewards points are in your account.
  4. Choose to use Pay with Points for your whole vacation or just part of it.
  How the Pay with Points redemption will appear on your American Express Card account The charge for your full vacation booking will appear on your selected AmericanExpress Card account. A credit will appear to offset the amount of the booking covered with points. Membership Rewards points that are redeemed will be automatically and permanently deducted from your Membership Rewards account.