San Simeon/Cambria Recommendations
Attraction Recommendations

  • Hearst Castle:
    • Located near San Simeon, CA in the Santa Lucia Mountains of San Luis Obispo County. This magnificent estate of 165 rooms and 127 acres of gardens, terraces, pools and walkways commands a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and the hills and valleys of the Santa Lucias.   Over nearly three decades, William Randolph Hearst’s ranch evolved into Hearst Castle, one of the most magnificent private estates in America, the setting for legendary parties during the Golden Age of Hollywood. A tour of Hearst Castle today makes it easy to imagine the social lives of prominent people in pre-war America, a view we normally can only see in the movies.   Today, Hearst Castle is a State Historical Monument and one of the most popular visitor destinations in California. It rests on a beautiful mountain above San Simeon, California, which is the nearest town to The Enchanted Hill. It was through San Simeon that the materials to build Hearst Castle were transported almost 1,600 feet up the mountain to the site of the estate.
    • Recommended tours:
      • Tour 1:  Tour One is recommended for first-time visitors as it provides a broad overview of the many facets of Hearst Castle and it is the least strenuous of the tours. Tour duration is 1 hour and 45 minutes which includes the bus ride to and from the castle.  Tour One now includes the companion movie Hearst Castle Building the Dream shown on our giant 5 story screen in the Hearst Castle Theater
      • Tour 2: Tour Two focuses on the architectural elements and vast art collection in the main house, or Casa Grande. Featured rooms on this tour include; the Doge’s Suite, “The Cloisters” which are four guest rooms flanked by open walkways, the Library, the Gothic Suite which occupies the entire third floor and includes Hearst’s impressive private suite, library and office, and the Kitchen. Tour duration is 1 hour and 45 minutes which includes the bus ride to and from the castle.
      • Elephant Seal Nesting Grounds’
        • Just a few miles north of Hearst Castle is a special vista point. The adjoining beach is popular year ’round as a resting spot for the fascinating elephant seals. The special vista point has a walkway for “human” visitors, so you can get safely close to the giant mammals, without disturbing them.
        • Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
          • It is beautiful and famous, not to be missed.  The water is often too cold to go in, but is still beautiful.
          • Morro Bay
            • a great place for fishing, or scuba, although the water is pretty cold.

Food Recommendations San Simeon/Cambria
4005 Burton Dr., Cambria, CA 93428  805-927-1857
Brambles Steak and Seafood.
Historic Landmark since 1865. Relax in our warm and elegant atmosphere and allow our staff to provide you with exceptional service. Open for dinner at 5pm 7 days a week.
2248 Main Street, Cambria, CA 93428  927-4865
Intimate, relaxed, charming restaurant with a fireplace centerpiece. Emphasizing country freshness with carefully prepared American and contemporary cuisines and fresh seafood EARLY BIRD DINNERS 5-6pm.
4095 Burton Drive, Cambria, CA 03428  927-5007  927-1320 – fax
Located in the East Village of Cambria, Robin’s Restaurant has been committed to creating wholesome & authentic international dishes since 1985. Robin’s signature dish, salmon bisque, is a favorite alongside homemade curries, grilled seafood, international deli salads and homemade desserts. Their commitment to exceptional food & service keep delighted clientele visiting time & time again.
2094 Main Street, 927-4830
Catering to the breakfast and lunch crowd, the Redwood Cafe features home-style cooking with a southern influence. A Cambria tradition. 7am – 2pm BREAKFAST SERVED UNTIL 2:00PM, LUNCH SERVED 11-2PM.