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When I travel to a destination, I immerse myself in the experience so that I might be better able to understand the location culture, people, and history. By concentrating on a few special destinations I get a chance to see things many people never see or hear of.

Each time I go back to one of my favorite destinations, I will often revisit places or experiences that I enjoyed in the past, but I make sure not to repeat the same trip and thus become too comfortable with a destination.

By doing this I am able to delve deeper into a location each time, and I go out of my way to be out of my comfort zone and hunt down new adventures.   This gives me a fresh and deeper experience.


Staying in one place for your vacation definitely has its advantages. If you like to be pampered, enjoy the day-to-day way you can really get acclimated to a location, and not have to worry about packing, moving, driving, flying…a villa stay is perfect.

There are fabulous opportunities for you right now, and I keep abreast of the inventory and exclusive offers reserved for AMT American Express Travel clients. Take a moment to compare what I have today; call me at no obligation.

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