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In college, I lived an entire year in Spain and studied at the University of Madrid. I have unique experience when it comes to traveling in Spain because as a student, I traveled all around for different reasons. I have a lot of interests, like art and history. But I also like wine and culture, as well as relaxing on the beach. Spain has all of this, and I know some great areas.

One great place is Santiago de Compostela, which is a pilgrimage town with a cathedral dedicated to St. Peter. Shells have long been a symbol of pilgrims, and the entire city, including the cathedral, is decorated with sea shells from pilgrims who have left them there over the centuries. I also loved Mijas, which means bread crumbs, and is a Costa del Sol town. The town is famous for its bread, but what I so loved about it is the picturesque village feeling, with all the buildings being white washed, and red tile roofs.

The locals still travel by donkeys, and from the town’s little hills, you can see the sea. For the young and young at heart, I recommend tapa and bar hopping in the town of Zaragoza. At night, the streets are filled with music and dancing. These are just a few of the experiences I can share with you, so give me a call at (800) 999-2599, and I can create an experience that you will never forget in Spain!


Madrid is much more than just the capital of Spain. Madrid is a city of lively nights filled with music, adorned with art, and full of history. I should know, I lived in the city and went to the University of Madrid for a full year! One favorite experience is Café and bar hopping after about 8 pm. Each Café in the corridors surrounding the Plaza Mayor is themed around a specific ingredient, like mushrooms or sausage.

Outside of the nightlife, check out the unique Temple of Debod, which I only more recently saw on a return trip. This Egyptian tomb was given to the dictator Franco in the 60s. It was reassembled brick by brick just off the Plaza Mayor. Another must-see is Goya’s tomb. The chapel was designed and painted by this Spanish artist, and his body was moved there. The only way to see the fresco is by using mirrors to view inside the copula itself.

So call me today at (800) 999-2599 or email me, and whether you are looking for just Madrid or all of Spain, I can help you create the trip of a lifetime.

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