YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS HERE… With Us! Your AMT Travel Insiders.

As we begin another new year and begin thinking about our next journey – and where we want to go, how we want to get “there” and what we want to accomplish… let’s take just a few minutes and ask ourselves WHY do we want to travel? Travel opens our eyes. If we’re open and willing, travel “will make us an incredibly more well-rounded human being.” Travel helps us learn who we are. With all the challenges and opportunities travel lays at our feet – we quickly learn who we are in a way that’s only possible “on the road.” Travel creates meaningful relationships. Yes. People we meet while traveling may become some of the most valued names on our contact list. Traveling develops skills we didn’t know we had. Sometimes we have to get far away from home to realize we have skills we have never used. And travel can bring out the best in us…Travel is education. Seeing the world provides us an education that’s “absolutely impossible to get in school.” Travel teaches us economics, politics, history, geography, and sociology in an “intense, hands-on way that no class will.” And last, but certainly not least… Travel proves that dreams do come true! And we can make it happen for you! Look forward to all the joy, adventure, relaxation, learning, and memories made possible by travel. Yes, indeed… YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS HERE… with us! And as always… where ever in the world you want to go… we can get you there! Save Save