An Italy destination wedding in Rome offers a variety of options that can be a perfect fit for engaged couples looking for an elegant event. Or, the future Mr. and Mrs. can consider an event surrounded by the great arts of Florence. Another Italy destination wedding choice is the romantic countryside of Tuscany. No matter what kind of ceremony, no matter which gorgeous area you choose, a destination wedding in Italy offers brides and grooms the sophistication and glamour that come with exchanging vows in the country that gave rise to western civilization.

To wed in Rome is to choose one of the world’s most unforgettable marriage destinations. From eloping without too many frills or wanting to plan a 3 day glitzy event an Italy destination wedding in Rome offers something for every budget and style. With easy access to a major airport, and a perfect starting point for an Italy honeymoon, Rome offers a great geographical location for you and your beloved to begin the rest of your lives with each other. Rome is also the only Italian city with three civil wedding halls. And with a wide selection of churches and basilicas of all faiths and denominations, Rome can be a great venue for couples of all faiths. Best of all, the backdrop to your celebration of love will be the ancient Roman Forum, magnificently flowing fountains and secluded gardens of the Capital city. Come to Rome to celebrate the Italy destination wedding event of a lifetime.


The jewel of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is everyone’s favorite Italian city offering an amazing array of monuments, restaurants and shopping. It is awe-inspiring for its beauty, palaces and its setting on the Arno River gracefully running through its center. Only Florence can offer such an incomparable setting for your Italy wedding and Italy honeymoon. The local civil wedding hall is located in the former Palazzo, where the government court was held for hundreds of years. Royally ornate rooms with frescoes and gilding serve as a breathtaking setting for your vows. From private palaces and villas with magnificent gardens to local cathedrals bedecked in lavish art, Florence offers an incredible chance for you and your guests to experience the eternal beauty of the birthplace of the Italian renaissance.

According to American Express Travel agents, Tuscany embodies the very essence of Italy. Your Italy destination wedding in Tuscany is a chance to experience the classic pastoral landscapes. Choose to celebrate your love in a golden field of wheat, set against rolling verdant hills. Discover the beautifully preserved medieval architecture and Renaissance art in quaint chapels and local churches. Tuscany’s timeless landscape of sloping hillsides, fragrant vineyards, blossoming olive groves and verdant cypress tress is dotted with ancient farmhouses and villas. Wherever in Tuscany you choose for your wedding, you will surely charmed by this beautiful and provincial region. It is an excellent choice for an enchanting and glorious wedding day.

Commemorate Italian wedding traditions in your Italy destination wedding! With so many incredible spots in Rome, Florence and Tuscany, you will remember your romantic ceremony for years to come.