St. Lucia has long been considered to be one of the top destination locations in the world, and with a good reason.
This island is lush with tropical rain forests and fauna. St. Lucia’s most well-known site is the emerald green twin peaks, the Pitons. These two heavily forested summits overshadow the deep green-blue waters and powder white sands. This top hotspot is a prime location for attractive views and the most romantic settings.
Tip: beachwear is recommended only on the beaches; locals appreciate more conservative attire in town. When out at night men should wear collared shirts and long pants, and women in dresses or long pants as well.
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Insiders on: St. Lucia

  • Weather: Located near the equator, St. Lucia can be uncomfortably warm in the jungle but beaches enjoy the trade winds and the mountains have cool breezes.
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar; the U.S. Dollar is widely accepted as well
  • Transportation: Bikes, ferries, taxis, buses, rental cars, planes, and helicopters. St. Lucia has two airports.

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