Bermuda is inherently a tranquil island, filled with the vacation homes of the wealthy and characteristically conservative people. Although missing the common casinos and wild nightlife that is commonplace in other Caribbean islands, Bermuda prides itself on being the Caribbean island that is almost like a tiny European country. It is the perfect place to enjoy a stress-free destination. There are so many beautiful locations to see, including historic churches, at the top of a cliff just after sunset, romantic pink sand private beaches, or in a magical flower-filled garden.
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  • Weather: Bermuda has a subtropical climate with temperatures in the 90s during summer and 60-70s in winter. It does see occasional hurricanes in the summer.
  • Currency: Bermuda dollar; pegged to the U.S. dollar
  • Transportation: Buses, taxis, scooter rentals, pedal cycles, the Bermuda Railways Train, ferry, boat rentals

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