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Mariner Club’s personable, professional and experienced hosts will ensure that your time aboard is just as remarkable and memorable as the destinations you’ll be discovering. During your voyage, your hosts will:
  • Organize exclusive cocktail parties for Mariner Club members
  • Lead complimentary Mariner Club shoreside events
  • Introduce Mariner Club members to each other, promoting camaraderie among those travelers with similar interests
Some thoughts from featured hosts:
“Mariner parties and tours are carefully planned to facilitate new friendships, identify common interests, and share travel experiences within a relaxed social setting. Often I have seen our guests on another voyage and note they are traveling with friends they made at one of our Mariner events.”Nancy Plencner
“Guests have told me that my energy makes their cruise that much more exciting and worthwhile – and that our tours are better than any they have taken independently.”Felicia Borsari
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