Honeymoon Discount Club

The hottest trend for all soon to be married couples is the Honeymoon registry. Get something more fun than a blender! For your wedding, allow your friends and family to give you memories that will last a lifetime. This fun and innovative program allows your friends and family to send you off on your honeymoon in style, while you never have to pay for a thing! And with our honeymoon registry, we have yet to send one couple who has had to pay for any part of their honeymoon!

Unlike other registries, we DO NOT CHARGE ANY FEES OF ANY KIND! Neither the engaged couple nor their guest will ever have to pay to use this service. All you have to do is use our agency to book your honeymoon! We send you complimentary registry cards to pass out to your guests, in order to notify them of your honeymoon registry. Then let the magic begin as your loved ones send you to paradise! We accept all major credit cards, and your family and friends can make payments via the internet, phone or fax! Finally, a Honeymoon Registry with no strings attached!

New Free Service
Have your invitations already gone out? Do you want to let your family and friends know about your honeymoon registry? Well now you can! As part of AMT American Express Travel’s Free Honeymoon Registry, you can send a professional and polished email to your guests about your honeymoon and how to send a gift. Your personalized honeymoon registry newsletter will have a picture of you and your fiancé, a short note from the bride and groom, a description of where you are going and of your honeymoon package, and direct links to the website so they can make a gift. All you have to do is provide us with your guests’ email addresses and wait to get your honeymoon paid for. Did we mention that this is part of our FREE service?


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