You may only receive all the benefits of AMT American Express’ Honeymoon Registry when you book your Honeymoon with AMT American Express Travel. You may not use this service if you book with any other American Express Office. If a booking has already been made, you may be able to use this service if AMT American Express Travel can take over the booking
This is a free service that we offer exclusively to our clients.

To open your honeymoon registry, you must have a honeymoon package under deposit. The package must meet at least one of the minimum guidelines:

a. $3,500 total booking of air and hotel, with a minimum 3-night hotel stay.
b. $2,000 total booking of hotel only with 3-night minimum
c. $2,800 total booking cruise only booking
d. $2,800 total booking tour(s) only
e. $3,500 total booking of Cruise or tour with air

There may be exceptions to the above minimums. Contact Maureen Johnson for additional information: 1.800.999.2599

You may not use the registry for the following items:

a. Air tickets ONLY
b. Hostels ONLY
c. Train Tickets ONLY


Deposits for packages are usually the air cost in total, the insurance and $150 per person. Some luxury resorts or categories require more of an upfront deposit. If there is a combination of services in a package, such as a cruise, a tour and a hotel, the deposit will be approximately $150 per person per service.

To set up your package, please call (800) 999-2599. Once you are under deposit, your registry will be officially open.

Your honeymoon specialist will send you a welcome letter and instructions. At that time, you may request honeymoon registry inserts, which will inform your guests of your registry and how to give a gift. You may order up to 150 cards free of charge. You may customize your inserts for $35 per 150 cards.

At any time, you can request a list of gifts to be sent to you via email. After a request has been received, it may take up to five business days to process. You may also call (800) 999-2599 to receive an unofficial tally.

Your friends and family can give gifts in three ways. They may give a gift via our online form with any credit card backed by VISA, Master Card, Discover or American Express. You can also give a gift over the phone with one of our agents with a credit card. Guests may also send checks to out home office. All checks MUST be accompanied by a completed “give a gift” form from our web site. Those who give a gift will receive an emailed receipt for their confirmation. If an email is not provided, no receipt or confirmation will be sent. Most gifts take 5 business days to process.

Friends and family can also include an optional gift card to notify the bride and groom of a gift. These cards cost $5. You may include a personal message. We will send the card directly to the bride and groom. Friends and family members should add $5 to the gift if they wish to include a gift card.

Charges will appear on credit card statements as one of the following:  AMT Travel, American Express Travel, AMT American Express, AMT Tour Travel, AMEX Travel, AMEX Cruise/Tour, or other variations of our name.  Each charge back received on behalf of any credit card company as initiated by any gift giver will also generate a $30 fee, whether or not the dispute is removed.  This is to cover the cost of the fee our office is charged.  This fee stands whether or not the dispute is withdrawn or not.   This charge will be taken out of the total moneys generated by the registry.  If this charge is more than the moneys collected, it will be charged to the credit card provided by the bride and/or groom.

If a disputed charge occurs after the bride and groom receive their final check as detailed on the general website rules and regulations, the fee will be charged to the bride and/or grooms card on file, plus a 3% fee to cover costs.

Final payments are due to the Tour/Cruise Line 45-60 days prior to departure. Brides and grooms who have more than $500 in their registry at the time of final payment may use that amount towards final payment. If there is $500 or less, it is the bride and groom’s responsibility to make final payment.

Approximately two weeks before departure, we will receive your travel documents. At that time, we will make the first close out of your registry. We will total the amount of money in your registry, issue a report listing who made each gift, and write you a check. You may use this check any way you wish.

The registry is kept open for whichever happens first: two weeks after your trip, or two weeks after your wedding. Most gifts are made the week of your wedding. Upon your return, or two weeks after your wedding, we make a final close out of your honeymoon registry. We total the amount that has yet to be paid out and write you a check. You will get all money, even if it is more than the cost of your trip.

Should you cancel your package, and you have a registry, your registry will immediately be closed and a $500 cancellation fee will be deducted. If there is less than $500 in your registry, the balance of the cancellation fee will be automatically charged to your credit card. If the cancellation is disputed, the cancellation fee will rise to $1,000 plus legal fees. This cancellation fee is not covered by any travel insurance.

If you would like to open a registry, but have not decided what package you would be interested in, you may open your honeymoon registry with a $250 deposit that will go completely towards the cost of your honeymoon package. Your trip must be paid for in full before a final close out will be made.

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our wedding division at . To set up your registry, call (800) 999-2599 today!



New Free Service
Have your invitations already gone out? Do you want to let your family and friends know about your honeymoon registry? Well now you can! As part of AMT American Express Travel’s Free Honeymoon Registry, you can send a professional and polished email to your guests about your honeymoon and how to send a gift. Your personalized honeymoon registry newsletter will have a picture of you and your fiancé, a short note from the bride and groom, a description of where you are going and of your honeymoon package, and direct links to the website so they can make a gift. All you have to do is provide us with your guests’ email addresses and wait to get your honeymoon paid for. Did we mention that this is part of our FREE