When you think of the perfect getaway, you think of


A long stretch of sand and crystal clear lagoon


Towering mountains and a cooler climate


A thriving city full of adventure and sights


Paying for everything up front

Do you like
Touring with a group
Sailing in style


Action and adventure

On your vacations, do you want
Peace and quite
A little of both


A hotel

Which would you prefer
A resort
A motel


Meeting fun and new people

On your honeymoon, do you envision
Exclusive bonding with your new spouse
The opportunity to do both


over 500 miles

You can comfortably envision traveling
over 5,000 miles
over 50,000


7 days

You want your honeymoon to last
10 days
15 days



Your total travel budget is
$7,000 or above



Which of these are most important to your honeymoon?


Visited parts of the US, never been out of the country

Which of these best describes the travel experience of you and your future spouse?
Visited most of the US, visited some foreign countries
Traveled in the US and abroad extensively