1. Hawaii

hawaii honeymoonA luxury Hawaii honeymoon surpasses the stuff dreams are made of, especially when you are getting a good deal with American Express Travel. With the amazing sights of turquoise blue water, and beaches kissed with the sun, many honeymoon packages are centered on a Hawaii honeymoon vacation. . . Read More >>


2. Mexico

mexico honeymoonAccording to American Express Vacations, Mexico offers plenty of options for those interested in Mexico honeymoon vacation packages. Most people envision the loud party beaches of Cancun, or the Las Vegas like strip of the Riviera Maya. But a loud and crazy party atmosphere is not the defining characteristic of a honeymoon. Wild clubs and parties are available for those who want them, but that is not the only option. Read More >>


3. Florida

florida honeymoonFlorida is one of the top luxury honeymoon destinations for several reasons. First, honeymoon couples can experience the comfort and safety of staying within the United States. Florida is also a relatively close destination for American honeymooners. But most importantly, Florida is such a diverse destination, with so many attractions and activities, that it appeals to many honeymooners. Read More >>


4. Aruba

aruba honeymoonAccording to American Express Vacations, the uncrowned beaches of Aruba create a private setting that is perfectly suited to romantic getaways and luxury honeymoon vacations. But besides the intimacy of the island, Aruba also offers a lot of activities to entertain a honeymoon couple, including dining, shopping and nightlife. When travelers mention that they are on their honeymoon, they are given special treatment by the islanders. Read More >>


5. Bahamas

bahamas honeymoonWith all the rushing around and stress that is caused when planning a wedding, your chance to relax is on your luxury Bahamas honeymoon package.  It’s your honeymoon, and you have the freedom to do everything, or do nothing.   With your wedding finally behind you, it’s time to bask in the warm glow of each other’s company, and enjoy a romantic Bahamas honeymoon vacation in style. It’s so easy to fall in love with the beauty and splendor of the Bahamas. Read More >>


6. Jamaica

jamaica honeymoonSee you and your fiancé in the midst of emerald mountains, feeling soft breezes caresses you skin, swimming in deep pools created by cascading waterfalls, incredible white sand beaches, and exotic flowers. These are just a few reasons Jamaica is viewed as the original tropical paradise, and a classic luxury honeymoon destination! Known for its famous gourmet Blue Mountain coffee, Rum and Bananas, Jamaica has been an incredible must see destination for several years. Read More >>


7. Las Vegas

las vegas honeymoonFor the couple who love to play in luxury, the glitz and glamour of a Las Vegas honeymoon could be just what the doctor ordered to rid the bride and groom of wedding day stresses. Las Vegas is a great honeymoon destination spot that offers great value and a wide variety of entertainment and activities. This city may be notorious for surprise weddings, but it’s also rated among the top honeymoon spots. Read More >>


9. California

california honeymoonCalifornia has become on of the top honeymoon destination in the US, and it’s not very hard to see why. California has been on of the top travel destinations for years, so it’s no surprise to see it pop up on the radar of honeymooners. No matter what you want to see and do on your honeymoon, chances are you can do it in California. Read More >>


9. Canada

canada honeymoonAmerican Express Vacations recently asked its clients what they thought the ideal honeymoon was. Well, not surprisingly, when people envision their honeymoon, everyone sees something a little bit different. Some people envision themselves on a beach, somewhere warm and exotic. Others wish to tour some of the world’s most ancient and spectacular sights, such as Rome or Paris. But a surprisingly large number of people saw themselves enjoying the cold weather in Canada. Read More >>


10. US Virgin Islands

virgin islands honeymoonAccording to a new American Express Travel study, the U.S. Virgin Islands is the perfect place to honeymoon. The U.S. Virgin Islands showcase some of the finest luxury honeymoon hotels in the world. Relax at a luxury honeymoon resort if you wish to be pampered from head to toe. Read More >>



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