American Express Vacations recently asked its clients what they thought the ideal honeymoon was.  Well, not surprisingly, when people envision their honeymoon, everyone sees something a little bit different.  Some people envision themselves on a beach, somewhere warm and exotic.  Others wish to tour some of the world’s most ancient and spectacular sights, such as Rome or Paris.  But a surprisingly large number of people saw themselves enjoying the cold weather in Canada.

According to American Express Travel, Canada has been growing as a honeymoon destination in the last couple of years.  The reason?  Simply that Canada has a large number of attractions for honeymoon couples. For couples who prefer contemporary setting, there several large cosmopolitan cities such as luxurious Montreal and Toronto in the south of Canada.  Near Hudson Bay, there are several Eskimo settlements to explore. And of course, for those interested in water sports, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean on either side are an ideal.

There are also over thirty National Parks in Canada. In these parks, honeymooners can enjoy various activities like canoeing, kayaking and white water rafting. But it is in the winter time that the country sparkles.  From boarder to boarder, the Canadian winter is a magical winter wonderland.  The snow blankets everything, and seems to glisten blue in the moon light.  The stars twinkle in a black sky, not unlike the diamonds in the rings of new honeymooners.  The country offers numerous luxury skiing resorts for ski lovers, and lovers of all time. In addition, it is not unusual to see the infamous Northern Lights dance across the sky.


There are several lodges that cater to honeymooners interested in Canada as a destination in all seasons.  Travelers can experience the height of luxury travel by staying in the most incredible accommodations.  Some of the finest hotels in the world are located in Canada. The country offers a wide range of internationally acclaimed luxury hotels, and even beach resorts for comfortable accommodations in the summer time. All the resorts and hotels in Canada offer an array of facilities to make your honeymoon the most memorable event of your life.