California has become on of the top honeymoon destination in the US, and it’s not very hard to see why. California has been on of the top travel destinations for years, so it’s no surprise to see it pop up on the radar of honeymooners. No matter what you want to see and do on your honeymoon, chances are you can do it in California. In addition, California offers American Honeymooners the luxury of staying within the United States and a number of reasonably priced air carries cater to the Sunshine State.

Full of History and Culture 

california honeymoonFor the couple interested in exploring the historical and cultural sights, a California honeymoon is for you. This state had history dating back to the time of the 1700s and the California missions. You could make a point of touring one of these historical landmarks. For those in love with Hollywood and the glamorous lives of the rich and famous, make a stop to Grauman’s Chinese theater and walk around the upscale Kodak Theater, home of the Academy Awards. And the downtown LA museum row is the home of some of the finest pieces of art and history of all time. Explore California’s rich past with a stop at any, or all of these landmarks.

Full of Surf and Sun

The state that started the surfing craze is famous for honeymooners wanting to experience the famous California beaches. Discover what the Beach Boys were talking about at one of the hundreds of beaches along the south coast. From the well know Seal Beach, to the rocky shores of Malibu Beach to wealthy art town of Laguna Beach to the quirky Venice Beach, there is so much more than sand and great waves to California beaches. Each has its own unique personality, and offers couples interested in a California honeymoon.

Full of Outdoor Adventure 

californiaFor couples interested in hiking, rafting, camping and horseback riding, a California honeymoon offers a great choice to explore the great outdoors. From the high sierras to the southern sierras, our mountain ranges play host to numerous camping grounds and lodges. California is also the state of Yosemite National Park. And the back woods offer a number of seclude ranches and other resorts that cater to people interested in being close to nature without roughing it. No matter what woodsy activity interests you, there is always something to do

These are just a few different flavors of a California honeymoon. No matter what style you and your beloved desire for your honeymoon, chances are California offers it. But a California honeymoon really caters to the thousands of couples who want a little bit if everything, all in one place. So if you are interested in sampling the many types of entertainment available in California, consider a California honeymoon to share with your dearest love.