According to American Express Vacations, the uncrowned beaches of Aruba create a private setting that is perfectly suited to romantic getaways and luxury honeymoon vacations.  But besides the intimacy of the island, Aruba also offers a lot of activities to entertain a honeymoon couple, including dining, shopping and nightlife.  When travelers mention that they are on their honeymoon, they are given special treatment by the islanders.  This catering to honeymoons will only help guarantee an unforgettable experience for the you and your beloved.

Morning Honeymoon Options

hawaiiMost luxury Aruba resorts will offer honeymoon couples a number of extra and complimentary services.  One of the many reasons to book your luxury honeymoon vacation package with a travel agent is so that the resort or hotel knows before you arrive that the two of you are celebrating one of the greatest moments in your life.  Some such resorts and hotels will offer complimentary Champaign and strawberries upon your arrival, or offer you a complimentary upgrade.  Your room might have a special greeting card and flowers.  The staff might offer you and your new spouse breakfast in bed.  Another perk might be a complimentary couple’s massage.  Imagine what else Aruba might hold when these experiences are offered in the morning before you really start your day.

Afternoon Honeymoon Activities

For the adventurer in you, try horseback ridding with the one you love.  Rides can be from an hour to four hours.  You can ride through the surf and have the fresh wind blow through your hair.  You could also take to the seas and sail through yet another cloudless day.  Take a refreshing hike through the “tunnel of love” cave, and gain access to some of the best photo taking opportunities on the island.   See the whole island of Aruba adding an island tour to your honeymoon vacation package.  Imagine, these are just some of the ways you can enjoy each other’s company while partaking in the many pleasures of Aruba.

Evening Entertainments

Unwind at the end of your busy day by taking a sunset sailing on a catamaran.  Have a candlelit dinner for two, and toast yourselves under a gloriously full moon.  Go the extra mile and have a private dinner set up on the beach.  You can even enjoy a romantic meal out on the water on a smooth glass bottom boat.   Dance the night away while wrapped in each other’s arms, or catch a show and appreciate the footwork of professional dancers during a live show.

With such a full day, no doubt you will both sleep peacefully in each others arms, while the soothing sound of the surf lulls away all your cares and reservations.  Don’t hesitate in choosing Aruba for your luxury honeymoon vacation package.