The mid-west has been hiding a secret gem for years – Door County, a lengthy 70-mile peninsula that separates Green Bay from Lake Michigan – is one of the regions best getaways, from late spring all the way into late fall. Money Magazine has named it one of the top 10 most popular tourist destinations in the US.

Eleven golf courses, combined with a breathtaking landscape, enrich the experience of the district. The beautiful beaches, scenic waterways, and views make Door County a great place to visit. The picturesque beaches of Lake Michigan and the Wisconsin River offer fantastic hiking, biking, and sightseeing opportunities.

Combine that with quaint small towns that have vibrant artistic communities, shopping, restaurants, and rich cultural heritage, you’ve got a perfect recipe to unplug, slow down, and forget about the regular world for a while.

Door County is located on a 300-mile stretch of coastline and on the northern shore of Lake Michigan, and is sometimes referred to as the Cape Cod of the Midwest and has made casual visitors jealous regulars for generations.

The Door Peninsula is created by the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal, and there is Sister Bay, where goats graze, as well as the St. Croix River.

In the town of Door, one must-do tourist tradition is to click on the sign “Door County” in front of the Door County Courthouse, the only one of its kind in the country.

Local cherry orchards produce 14 million pounds of good stuff a year. The biggest attraction is the 300-mile coastline, including 30 miles of Lake Michigan, and clearly the best thing to do here is to be outside and enjoy the outdoors.

Rent a car in Green Bay or queue for a shuttle at one of the many public parking lots along the coast and Lake Michigan.

When it comes to pure, tranquil wilderness, Newport State Park is the place to be. The Park has been designated a “green” park, which means very low light pollution, according to the National Park Service. The land on the north side of the Mink River offers a variety of campsites, hiking trails, picnic areas, waterfalls, lakes, and lakeside cabins.

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