Franks November Travel Tips

This month’s #1 tip comes from Mike Turi, who expierenced this problem himself on a recent trip. Drinks are on me Mike! franks-tips-pic
  1. Security Tip – When going through security, never let your belongings out of sight. Wait for the slow poke in front of you to finish going through the metal detector before you push your things throug X-ray, or they may not be there when you get to the other side.
  2. Place important, easy to palm, items like cell phones and wallets inside your shoe when you put them through x-ray. Carry your passport, you never need to pass it through x-ray.
  3. Budget Extending Tips – Gather a group and rent a villa; You’ll get lots of space at prices comparable to a hotel room, as well as a handy kitchen.
  4. Make lunch your big meal. Many restaurants offer the same fare at lunch that they serve at dinner, but at a lower price. Indulge in the midday meal and use the savings to splurge on theater tickets later.