Franks July Travel Tips

Our first tip of the month is brought to you by our good friend, Bernie Des Forges. Thanks Bernie, your $100 Travel Gift Certificate is on its way! franks-tips-pic
  1. When you travel from city to city as I often do on business as well as on vacation, I recommend you pick up a hotel card at each and every hotel you stay. Keep it in your wallet until you leave. You never know when you will get lost, or at least, feel that way.
  2. If you want to make sure everything else in your bags stays clean and odor free, place shoes inside old socks and then inside airtight plastic bags (ziplock).
  3. Roll Technique – Somehow it seems that bags will hold more if the clothes are rolled rather than folded. If you roll in tissue paper, the clothes will also get less wrinkled.
  4. Flashlights – When packing a flashlight (or any other item with batteries for that matter), turn the batteries around so that if the item is accidentally turned on, you won’t empty the batteries. Don’t forget to turn the batteries back around when using the flashlight