Franks August Travel Tips

I’ve got all kinds of good ones for this month: franks-tips-pic
  1. Most airlines now charge for baggage and are very strict about weight. So make sure you know how much your bag weighs empty so you can know how much to pack.
  2. Only allowed one bag for check in? Keep your dress shirts on their hangers in the plastic bag, roll them up with the hangers. Open them up and hang them in the bathroom with the shower on hot to steam them out as soon as you get to your room.
  3. Plastic Bags – It is always handy to have a few plastic bags around certain items, especially toiletries. Not only does it counter any leaking, the bags can also come in useful to keep dirty clothes in, as garbage bags or even as a makeshift umbrella. Ziplock or other airtight plastic bags are the best.
  4. Traveling to warm destinations? – If you appreciate cold drinks think of using a six-pack cooler as a toiletry bag. Once you arrive at your destination and unload your toiletries your ‘toiletry bag’ guarantees cheap cold drinks on the beach, no matter how remote.