5 Star World Cruises by AMT, an American Express Representative

5 star world cruises are the ultimate vacation and something that every world traveler dreams of. For those lucky individuals with the time and necessary expenses to take three to four months at a time off, 5 star world cruises are the ideal means of travel to explore far ends of the earth.
Once you’ve arrived onboard, unpacked your bags, and settled in, your floating hotel moves with you. It is an ingenious way to experience a wide range of cultures, cuisine, climates, and environments, all the while remaining as mellow and relaxed as possible. Your travel plans have been arranged and are all set; there will be no airport crowds, baggage to check, or foreign airport security to deal with. If the idea of a peaceful and untroubled way to sample all that planet earth has to offer, a 5 star world cruise could be just the vacation destination for you! On a 5 star world cruise, passengers will receive top of the line amenities only available on luxury cruise lines. The best cuisine, alcohol, activities, and entertainment will be right at your fingertips. With an around the clock, top notch cruise staff at your beck and call, every vacation fantasy you’ve ever had can become a reality. Start your journey on the west coast or the east coast, on the Pacific, Atlantic, or the Caribbean. You can plan your itinerary according to the precise exotic locales you want to explore the most! If the Bahamas are on the top of your list, climb onboard in Florida and explore the tropical islands of the Caribbean. Sail north east through the Strait of Gibraltar and explore Morocco, the south of Spain, Monaco, the coast of Italy, and the Greek Isles. Before you realize it, your 5 star world cruise will be half over and you will have seen more amazing sights than most people do in a lifetime. If you are a west-coaster and decide to embark on your journey from California, begin your 5 star world cruise voyaging across the Tropic of Cancer to the Orient. Explore Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. Leisurely cruise down to Australia and New Zealand and then head north across the Indian Ocean towards the eastern coast of Africa, India, and Egypt for a voyage you only thought was possible in your wildest dreams. The best part of 5 star world cruises is that your route is up to you! Indulge in exotic travel, luxurious amenities, and the vacation of a lifetime. Do not hesitate in planning your first 5 star world cruise and contact AMT, an American Express Travel Representative today at 1-(800)-999-2599 for special rates and exclusive bookings!