When it comes time to organizing your family vacation, keep in mind one thing: one size does not fit all. Families grow and change and so do tastes and interests. It is essential in today’s crazy world that families have true “family time” and what better way to do this than a family vacation. It allows everyone to step back, re-connect with the real world, and create lasting memories. However, planning one can be a tricky and complicated undertaking because finding a place that pleases everyone is a challenge. Your little ones will need babysitters, your middle schoolers will want to play all day, while your teen will want to go out and explore. And you will want to relax by the pool sipping a margarita. So what is the solution to designing the perfect getaway for your entire family? Calling AMT Travel, an American Express Travel Representative. We can do take away all of the stress of planning and do it for you!

We will help you have the ideal holiday because we will listen to you and make suggestions based on your needs. We are invested in your happiness and satisfaction and want to make sure your trip is filled with amazing life-long memories. Aside from saving you time and stress, we are in-tune to what is going on in the world and can let you know whether it is safe to travel to certain parts of the globe. We don’t just sell a destination. Whether you are going on your own or taking your most precious cargo, we want you to be safe and secure.

Family vacations can get pricey. But here at AMT Travel, an American Express Travel Representative, we are determined to find you the best possible price and include special perks along the way. Who wouldn’t appreciate a free breakfast, a resort credit to use towards food or a free treatment at the spa? These are things that you wouldn’t get if planning on your own.

We hate to brag but we are experts in travel planning. We can suggest hotel rooms with the best views, advise you to take your own road maps in Europe as car rental companies don’t offer them, and remind you to renew your passport 6 months before they expire. We can even recommend a private guide to show you those hidden gems of a locale that will make your trip that much more interesting and exciting.

No matter what type of family vacation you choose, AMT Travel, an American Express Travel Representative, will make it one to remember.