A strong cultural influence combined with precision engineering and old-world charm makes Germany a top European destination. Also famous for its hearty foods and beer, great ski resorts, and renowned opera houses…the list of great things to see and do in Germany is lengthy. Contact an Insider today for exclusive offers not available to the general public.

Areas of interest:

  • Baltic Sea Coast (Ostseeküste) — miles of sandy beaches and islands (Rügen) with resorts.
  • Bavarian Alps — home to Neuschwanstein Castle and Germany’s best skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking. Beautiful resorts and the village Oberammergau.
  • Black Forest (Schwarzwald) — wide mountain peaks, amazing views, well traveled by tourists and hikers.
  • East Frisian Islands(Ostfriesische Inseln) — twelve islands in the Wadden Sea
  • Elm Lappwald — Beautiful forest area; great for family vacations.
  • Franconian Switzerland(Fränkische Schweiz) — its’ beauty has been compared to Switzerland’s.
  • Harz — a low mountain range in the Central Uplands of Germany, famous for its historic silver mines and for the pretty villages of Quedlinburg, Goslar, and Wernigerode.
  • Lake Constance(Bodensee) — is an extremely beautiful corner of Central Europe; it has water sports and scenic towns.
  • Middle Rhine Valley(Mittelrheintal) — is famous for its wines.
  • Romantic Road (Romantische Straße) — a theme route over 400 km in length in southern Germany featuring historical castles.
  • Schöningen — famous for 320,000-year-old spears, the oldest wooden artifacts and weapons ever found.

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  • Geography: Northern coastlines along the Northern Sea and the Baltic Sea, fields and famous forests centrally, and the Alps lie to the south of Germany.
  • Official Languages: German; English is also spoken frequently.
  • Weather: Besides the Alps, Germany typically does not have either extremely cold winters nor overly hot summers.

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