Take it from your Travel Insider: the unique French culture offers a way of living – and eating – like nowhere else.
There’s more to France than sheer romance: gourmet foods, fine wines, historical monuments, and breathtaking art and architecture.
Visit Paris and be amazed by the magic lights, savory wine, gourmet cheese, and rich chocolate – even go rollerblading on the streets of the Bastille quarter.

Outside Paris, France offers a whole world of possibilities, from a private wine-tasting excursion in Bordeaux to a tour of the Palace and Gardens of Versailles, the official residence of kings during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Insiders on: France

  • Currency: Euro
  • Geography: Mostly flat or rolling plains, with mountainous regions in the east (Alps) and south (Pyrenees) that feature a number of popular ski resorts.
  • Weather: For much of France, the rainy season arrives in late fall. On average, northern France tends to be cooler than the south.

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Andrea Andrade

“It’s hard to believe there are so many museums…”

Andrea Andrade

Maureen Johnson

“I go to france every year I love it!”
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“The City of light has…”
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