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Europe includes everything from rugged outdoor experiences to gustatory delights, to incredible historical monuments, to world-class sophistication. AMT American Express Travel Insiders who love and have traveled Europe the way you would like to, are here to help.

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Insiders on: Europe

  • Currency: Mostly the Euro
  • Official Languages: Many diverse languages are spoken throughout Europe.
  • Weather: Summers can range from hot and humid to dry and mild. Winters in the north are very cold, while coastal regions stay mild.

Travel Insiders

Maureen Johnson

“I can give you truly insider tips on visiting…”
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Robert Lupercio

“I am an expert in travel to …”
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Betty Morgan

“My knowledge can help to personalize a great package for any client’s needs…”
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Andrea Andrade

“Many travelers are not aware that…”
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Andrea Andrade Europe Travel Insider

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