All you need is love to tie the knot in Las Vegas. Well, you also need $55, valid identification and a social security number to get the license. But in comparison to a number of destination wedding laws, Las Vegas is pretty straight forward. There are no waiting periods or blood tests required. And ceremonies can cost as much, or as little, as couples want. Las Vegas also has virtually everything you need for your wedding, even if you feel like a traditional wedding. There are so many chapels to choose, and from wedding rings to wedding dress, there are a number of one stop wedding centers, both on and off the strip.

Have you considered exchanging vows dressed in renaissance costumes? What about a Star Trek wedding aboard the USS Enterprise? Las Vegas wedding venues range. Choosing where to hold your Las Vegas destination wedding can be a difficult decision thanks to the many types and styles of wedding ceremony available. Many chapels and hotel casinos offer a variety of ceremony themes. From a drive-through chapel on the Las Vegas Strip, to ceremonies presided over by an Elvis impersonator, to upscale affairs, Las Vegas has you covered.

These wedding chapels also have experienced and professional staff members to help make everything go smoothly and according to your wishes. For your convenience, most wedding chapels offer a variety of packages, from very simple to very elaborate. Contrary to popular belief, many people put as much effort into planning their Las Vegas destination wedding as they would if they were having it back home. Las Vegas resorts are providing some spectacular traditional weddings that can seat parties of 300 of the bride and groom’s friends and family. With its endless entertainment possibilities, couples considering a Las Vegas destination wedding certainly don’t have to worry about keeping friends and family busy!


Just be sure to get to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau beforehand. You must gain an official marriage license before going forward with your Las Vegas destination wedding plans. You must have this document before any legal ceremony can be performed. And with so many venue choices and entertainment options, it’s no wonder Las Vegas has been one of the world’s most popular destinations for weddings for more than 50 years. Last year alone, the Marriage Bureau here issued more than 122,000 licenses.

Las Vegas is local enough that you can invite a few guests, yet far enough away to transport you to another world for your big day. There’s no question that the Las Vegas wedding is an integral part of the popular culture. Everyone has a Vegas wedding story, it seems, and everyone knows the long list of celebrities who have been married here, from Michael Jordan to Elvis to Britney Spears. So make your own mark on this town, and plan your Las Vegas destination wedding today!