According to Modern Bride’s 2006 survey of where newlyweds have or have had their Destination Wedding, the top ten Wedding Destinations are

1. Hawaii

hawaii destination weddingImagine yourself exchanging vows barefoot on the sand. Smell the white orchids of your bridesmaids’ bouquets. The orange glow of a luxurious Hawaiian sunset streaks the horizon as your family and friends gather to celebrate your new beginning. Hawaii is a beautiful place, and a marriage here is an ideal way for a couple to start life together. Whether you’re a first time visitor to the Islands, or a seasoned Hawaiian enthusiast, you and your beloved are now wishing to celebrate a most cherished moment in paradise. Read More >>


2. Jamaica

jamaica destination weddingWhen you think back, twenty years from now, about the day you joined yourself to your spouse, what do you want to remember? Are scented tropical breezes that that engulf the senesces part of your dream wedding ambience? Do you wish to recall the sun, sand and the sea as the setting of your sanctuary? Is your fantasy to walk down the aisle on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches? Take that walk, and choose Jamaica for your destination wedding. Read More >>


3. Mexico

mexico destination weddingAmerican Express Travel agents often consider Mexico as a land of contrasts. For brides and grooms looking for the perfect place to have a luxury Mexico Destination Wedding , there are a wide variety of settings to choose from. The memories you can create will last you a life time when you fully experience your Mexico wedding in a tropical paradise. No matter if you are looking for a beach wedding destination, a tropical rain forest wedding destination or a desert-like wedding destination, Mexico is the right place for you and the one you love. Read More >>


4. Tahiti

tahiti destination weddingAs elaborate as a royal Polynesian event, or as simple as an “I do” on a powder soft beach, a Tahiti destination wedding ceremony is a dream come true. There’s no more enchanting way to exchange vows, celebrate an anniversary, or promise yourself to your loved one, than through one of these traditional Polynesian celebrations. Read More >>


5. St. Lucia

st lucia destination weddingSt. Lucia has long been considered to be one of the top destination wedding locations in the world, and with good reason. This island is lush with tropical rain forests and wildlife. St. Lucia’s most famous sight is the emerald green twin peaks, the Pitons. These two heavily forested peaks overshadow the deep green-blue waters and powder white sands. This destination wedding hotspot is a prime location for gorgeous views and the most romantic settings. This Caribbean island is the perfect location for your beach side wedding in paradise. Read More >>


6. Italy

st lucia destination weddingAn Italy destination wedding in Rome offers a variety of options that can be a perfect fit for engaged couples looking for an elegant event. Or, the future Mr. and Mrs. can consider an event surrounded by the great arts of Florence. No matter what kind of ceremony, no matter which gorgeous area you choose, a destination wedding in Italy offers brides and grooms the sophistication and glamour that come with exchanging vows in the country that gave rise to western civilization. Read More >>


7. US Virgin Islands

us virgin islands destination weddingMake matching white sand the perfect compliment to your dress, and prepare for your US Virgin Island destination wedding to begin. Think of the amorous landscape of one of the loveliest places as the setting for the beginning of your life together. If this is what you envision for your wedding, St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands will offer you the quintessential romantic Caribbean experience. Read More >>


8. Aruba

aruba destination weddingWhen most people think of an Aruba destination wedding, they imagine a carefree event that truly encompasses the love and devotion they feel for each other. But as most American Express Travel offices will remind you, it is important to know the legal proceedings of the country in order to make sure your marriage is valid in the United States. Read More >>


9. Las Vegas

las vegas destination weddingAll you need is love to tie the knot in Las Vegas. Well, you also need $55, valid identification and a social security number to get the license. But in comparison to a number of destination wedding laws, Las Vegas is pretty straight forward. There are no waiting periods or blood tests required. And ceremonies can cost as much, or as little, as couples want. Las Vegas also has virtually everything you need for your wedding, even if you feel like a traditional wedding. Read More >>


10. Bermuda

bermuda destination weddingEvery couple envisions a different destination wedding. Some couples see themselves dancing the night away on a luxury world cruise. Some couples envision hiking, diving and fishing of the shores of Hawaii. Other couples want to experience the height of culture with an Italy destination wedding. But there are a number of engaged couples who want to be as relaxed as possible. Read More >>