As elaborate as a royal Polynesian event, or as simple as an “I do” on a powder soft beach, a Tahiti destination wedding ceremony is a dream come true. There’s no more enchanting way to exchange vows, celebrate an anniversary, or promise yourself to your loved one, than through one of these traditional Polynesian celebrations. Tahiti Wedding ceremonies are not recognized as legal in the United States, but they are a great way exchange your own unique vows, celebrate an anniversary, or promise yourself to your loved one. Enjoy a Tahiti Wedding celebration, and make it legal back at home.

Tahiti and her islands offer an ideal destination wedding setting for the most beautiful and memorable event of a couple’s life together. Located in the Eastern South Pacific, this legendary island is a popular vacation destination for many American and Japanese. Often called “The Islands of Love,” Tahiti is a large island chain, comprised so several hundred islands stretched over two million miles of ocean. Born in a series of volcanic upheavals nearly three million years ago, the island of Tahiti is a range of lushly forested peaks plunging deep into the sea.

The island’s interior is astounding; waterfalls cascade over sheer cliffs into rainforests below and rivers cut through dense valleys of giant ferns, wild fruit trees, and iridescent flowers. Couples can enjoy warm tropical weather year round in Tahiti. The average temperature is 78 degrees and the average water temperature is in the low 80s. With warm tropical breezes by day and romantic star lit nights, it’s truly a lover’s paradise.  Imagine saying, “I do” in a little Polynesian village wrapped around the coral shores of a crystal blue lagoon. A bride and groom couldn’t ask for a more perfect place to exchange their wedding vows.


Most Tahiti luxury resorts offer a Tahitian ceremony package.  Each package is different, and can be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars.  Imagine the bride being treated as a Tahitian Princess, and as tradition dictates, she is pampered by all the villagers on the beach. She is immediately taken to a traditional Tahitian bamboo hut, where the women of the village prepare her for her Tahiti wedding ceremony by massaging her with Tahitian Monoi oils.  The bride can choose to be dressed in authentic Tahitian clothing, or can go with a more modern look.  The Tahiti wedding groom to be is taken by canoe to a nearby beach where he is tattooed with temporary ink.  He too has the option of being ceremonially dressed as a Tahiti high priest or chief, or in classic modern attire.  He is then returned to the village, by canoe, where his bride and the village welcome him.

The symbolic ceremony begins as a group of dancers and musicians serenade the couple with traditional love songs. A Tahitian priest unites them in a traditional ceremony, baptizing the couple with Tahitian names and wrapping them in a tifaifai wedding quilt. The couple is then carried off in a Royal Chair by noble warriors, while toasting champagne in celebration of their love. It’s a true fairy tale, acted out in pure Polynesian style.