destination wedding

1. A Nearby Honeymoon

When you have a traditional wedding, you often have 9 hours of preparation, ceremony and reception, only to have over 10 hours of flight to get to your honeymoon destination. Not so with destination weddings! You’re already there! Depending on the location, you can have the ceremony and honeymoon within a few miles. This works great in places where there are a number of islands close together, such as Hawaii or the Caribbean.

2. Something exciting to offer your guests

Many engaged couples want to entertain their guests with a run of the mill reception. But a destination wedding offers your guests a full vacation with numerous activities to wow their socks off! Some newlyweds fear that their guests may impose on their special honeymoon time, but never fear! If you have a destination wedding in the Caribbean or Hawaii, you can simply sneak off to another island and leave your guests behind to enjoy themselves.

3. A Unique Wedding

Chances are most of your guests have attended hundreds of weddings, and some might even dread the occasion. With destination weddings, you are creating an amazing experience that you and your guests will never forget. Plus, you have the option of being as formal or as casual as you wish within the paradise of your choice.

4. A Compromising Choice

Most engaged couples have family and friends that live all over the world. Sometimes the bride and groom live in different cities, states or even countries! If you and your guest are going to have to do some traveling for a regular wedding, why not compromise where you’ll be traveling to by choosing an exotic location. Some of your guests might not be thrilled to be traveling from New York to New Mexico, and much more willing to go to Hawaii and Las Vegas for just a little bit more money. You and your spouse to be can compromise about whose hometown to get married in by choosing neither! Instead, go to the romantic Caribbean!

5. Perfect for Intimacy

For those couples who are interested in having an intimate wedding without hurting the feelings of some guests, destination weddings provides a venue to allow you to be more selective with your invitations. Most destination weddings have an average of 63 guests. Or, keep it even more intimate with just two guests: you and your intended. For other well-wishers, you can have a bigger welcome home party upon your return.

6. Budget Friendly

Did you know that a destination wedding can cost only $5000? You could use all the money you saved on a house down payment or renovation! When you have the destination wedding at a resort, you can also get a discounted honeymoon. There are also a number of different ways to handle the cost of your guests. Some couples leave an open invitation to all their family and friends who wish to pay for their own travel. Other coupled will pay either for airfare or accommodations. When you book your destination wedding with the AMT American Express Travel Wedding Division, we offer you and your guests special American Express Group Rates which will keep you under budget!

7. Stress Free Wedding

With destination weddings, your special day becomes a no worry event. Your responsibilities turn into simply getting a dress, a tux, the rings and your Destination Wedding Specialist at AMT American Express Travel. We work directly with your chosen destination to make sure there is food, music, pictures and fun. All you have to do is decide when and where. Our constant contact with you and our experience with your destination will allow us to create a magical affair to never be forgotten!