Nowadays, more and more travelers are skipping packaged tours and choosing personalized travel itineraries that fit their individual interests, needs and schedules.

Customizing your travel creates the flexibility to design the perfect holiday. However, finding the appropriate tour package to meet all your needs can be complex and you might not know where to even begin. This is when you want to hand the planning over to the professionals at AMT Travel, An American Express Representative. We can answer all of your questions, whether it is planning a family or romantic holiday, advice on the best places to go and the best way to get there, customized getaways, and so much more.

Personalized tour packages are ideal for those with special interests. They offer options that you just cannot get from a group tour. The adventurers, historians and foodies of the world looking for a special and unique experience will benefit greatly from a tailored travel program. Let’s take the photographer who wants to get that once-in-a lifetime shot. A lot of patience and time is needed, something that you will not get from your typical tour excursion. However, an expedition structured especially for photographers ensures they get as much time as they need to get the perfect pic that will wow their friends back home.

People are also seeking more from their vacations. They want to discover more about the place they are visiting and immerse themselves into the customs and culture. By experiencing the locale via cultural experiences, they can peel back the layers of that culture and truly live it.

Just imagine joining in a hands-on baking demo in a French boulangerie, paying a visit to the local children at a Masai Mara school or getting close to a glacier on a Zodiac ride in Antartica with a real marine biologist. What about picking up a new language, or perfecting one you already know? You can study numerous years in the classroom but there is nothing like an immersive travel experience to absorb a language.