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From cruising the meandering shoreline of the Rhine, Danube, and Rhone to seeing up close the spectacular, awe-inspiring coastline of Alaska, to traveling the back roads of Ireland to enjoying sunset cocktails with your best friends on a savannah in the Serengeti…all this and more can be yours as we help you put new destinations, new experiences, new adventures, new cultures, and new memories on your horizon this year!

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Esther Shubin

“Is there a better time of year to visit…”


Amy Sidaw

“I have been in the travel industry for over 25 years and visited 4 continents, and taken…”

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Andrea Andrade

“Many travelers are not aware that…”
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Carole Scherer

“I am a certified specialist…”
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Maureen Johnson

“I can give you truly insider tips on visiting…”
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Betty Morgan

“My knowledge can help to personalize a great package for any client’s needs…”
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