Carole Scherer AMT American Express Travel
Designated Corporate Travel Manager, and also part of AMT American Express Travel’s honeymoon specialist team. My specialty is booking air travel and car rentals in some of the most exotic locales in the world.

Different villages and Old World cities every night of the week; wine and dinner under the stars, the sea breeze at your back: all of it without ever having to change rooms or lug heavy bags around. The Mediterranean cruise is a dream vacation for its simplicity, beauty, and guaranteed relaxation. As a travel industry veteran who has been fortunate enough to cruise the Mediterranean many times over the years, I want to share my first-hand knowledge of the cruise lines, boutique boats, and on-shore activities with you. I have a lot of passion and enthusiasm for this type of trip–I’ve traveled the world over, but cruising remains my favorite kind of vacation to take when I need some of my own downtime. Drop me a line today, and let’s get started.


From AMT American Express Travel:
“She takes knowing exotic destinations seriously and continues her travel education through her own experience and through numerous specialist educational programs. She is a registered specialist of Celebrity Cruise line, Princess Cruise line, Cozumel and Cancun Mexico, the Cayman Islands, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.”

Food & Wine Enthusiast
Local History & Culture
Reading & Writing
Scuba and Snorkeling

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