Betty Morgan AMT America Express TravelI am the President of AMT American Express Travel, and I have spent about 8 weeks in Greece in the past 3 years.
With over 35 years of travel experience, I have visited all seven continents. My experience in stretches past the boundaries of a travel agent, as I personally escorts groups upwards of forty people to some of the most amazing destinations in the world.
From Antarctica to Australia, China to all of Europe, my knowledge of the world can help to personalize a great package for any client’s needs.
I can personally recommend hotels, restaurants, and the most breathtaking destinations, because chances are, I have been there!
In addition to my knowledge of the highest luxuries in modern travel, I can recommend the best experience for your dollar. Please send me a message here, or call me at 800-999-2599 and I can share the latest exclusive offers at no obligation!