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Having traveled to South America numerous times, Antarctica is my 7th Continent. We flew to Ushuaia to pick up our ship. Why would you want to go to Antarctica? It is nature at its best; it is a true adventure. We spent 14 nights and only saw one other ship. There is great interaction with all the wildlife from the many varieties of penguins, fur seals, Albatross, and whales. There is the purity of the ocean water — no plastic floating here. It was cold, but I was prepared; the ship gave us boots and jackets. We stopped in the Falkland and the South Georgia islands, where we saw the magnificent Imperial Penguins. Then we cruised for a couple of days; the water is like a lake. Albatross were following our ship in the hopes of feeding on our garbage. They can gorge themselves so much that they become unable to fly and just float on the water.

The icebergs appear like magic; we are surrounded by them. Penguins slide off into the water, along with some of the biggest seals ever. Two times a day, we traveled by inflatable rafts on our way to landing on an iceberg. We woke up among seals and penguins. In January, the penguins shed their fur, walking in front of us and oblivious to us. They are amazing to watch. In the raft, we ride along with whales and weave in and out of the icebergs. 10 percent of an iceberg is visible out of the water. Breathtaking.

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