Vietnam’s narrow borders bulge against the ceaseless bustle of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, two modern metropolises tempered by colonial architecture and tree-lined boulevards.

Tranquility rests by the crumbling temples, wood-paneled pagodas and verdant valleys of rural Vietnam; divers at Nha Trang plunge the glistening green of the South China Sea to explore a rainbow of coral and neon-clad fish. And everywhere there’s the food: whether slurping spicy noodles from Saigon street stalls or savoring French croissants in a Hue patisserie Vietnamese cuisine is full-flavored, fascinating and affordable

Insiders on: Southeast Asia

  • Geography: Islands, beaches, mountains, rock formations
  • Culture: Heavily influenced by China, India, and colonizers
  • Climate: Tropical

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