Hardly a day goes by that you don’t hear something about Japan, whether the subject is trade, travel, cuisine, the arts, or Japanese imports ranging from Sony and Toyota to karaoke and anime.

Yet Japan remains something of an enigma to people in the Western world. What best describes this Asian nation? Is it the giant producer of cars and an entire array of sleek electronic goods that compete favorably with the best in the West? Or is it still the land of geisha and bonsai, the punctilious tea ceremony, and the delicate art of flower arrangement? Has it become, in its outlook and popular culture, a country more Western than Asian? Or has it retained its unique ancient traditions while forging a central place in the contemporary post-industrialized world?

Visiting Japan includes the joys of tasting local cuisine, seeing cultural events, celebrating seasons like snow festivals and floral festivals, and learning about traditional tea ceremonies and flower arranging. From the shopping and dining experience at Ginza to Japan’s famous baths and hot springs to activities including golf, skiing, fishing, and diving, your AMT Travel Insider is the one to make your visit to Japan all you want it to be.

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  • Geography: Located between the Sea of Japan and the North Pacific in Northeast Asia, this country is almost as large as California. There are four main islands with over 4000 small islands, with miles of coastline and mountains, including volcanoes.
  • Currency: Yen
  • Language: Japanese, with English widely spoken.

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