When you book your India vacation, your Travel Insider can help you experience India’s dazzling culture and amazing monuments.
Travel opportunities are endless in India. From the Himalayan mountaintops to the steamy south, India has enough cultural diversity to fill a lifetime of amazing memories.
Visit Humayun’s Tomb, built back in the mid-16th century, or journey through the intriguing Buddhist Ajanta Caves. Travel the rivers and lagoons of the Kerala backwaters, and visit the must-see Taj Mahal, described as the most extravagant monument ever built for love.
Contact an India Insider today to plan your customized itinerary to this beautiful and diverse country.

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  • Geography: India contains rich diversity, from tropical beaches to lush valleys to the high peaks of the Himalayas.
  • Official Languages: Standard Hindi and English
  • Weather: India receives most of its rainfall between June and October. Much of the country is usually cool and sunny from December to February. From March to May, India can be hot and dry.

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