“Study the past if you would define the future,” said the great philosopher Confucius, and when you book a China vacation, you will see that China is doing just that. Beijing’s Great Wall and Xi’an’s Terracotta Army provide fascinating glimpses into the history of a country dashing into the 21st-century, with an economy growing faster than bamboo.

Go beyond the golden haze and 24-hour hum of multi-million-strong cities to find the real China; sipping fragrant jasmine tea in Chengdu’s serene gardens, cruising down the mighty Yangtze, and watching the fluid moves of early morning tai chi in Shanghai. Have your Travel Insider plan an unforgettable visit to this vast land of vibrant cities and ancient traditions.
Somewhere between a modern metropolis and an ancient world, you’ll find extraordinary. China has so much to offer, from Hong Kong to the Far East – there’s something for everyone.
Hong Kong is a city steeped in ancient traditions and brimming with modern trends. Visit the imposing pagodas, soaring skyscrapers, age-old street festivals, or ultra-hip boutiques. Leave the bustling streets of Hong Kong and visit the countryside, where you’ll see the great wetlands and breathtaking landscapes.
Start getting excited about all China has to offer, and leave the planning to us. Contact an Insider today.

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  • Geography: The east is densely populated, with the landscape in central China giving over to major river systems like the Yangtze. The west has major mountain ranges, including the Himalayas.
  • Currency: Renminbi (RMB)
  • Weather: China is vast enough to contain many climates. Generally speaking, it varies between dry and rainy seasons. Your Insider can recommend the best times to travel to areas you want to visit.

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