A Bali vacation will fill you with serenity and awe. A scenic land of active volcanoes, dense jungle, stunning beaches, and rich, ancient culture, Bali is an island of tranquility in the often-tumultuous Indonesian archipelago. Bali’s peaceful way of life — one marked by colorful rituals and genuine hospitality — has drawn tourists, artists, and escapists for generations. Sadly, recent events like the tragedy of October 2002, when more than 200 people lost their lives in a terrorist bombing in Kuta, the island’s tourist hub, as well as terrorist incidents in nearby Jakarta, have shattered that image. Warnings from the U.S. government, among others, are still in place, and, though the Indonesian government has taken important steps to update security on its tourist cash cow, many balk at returning to Bali.

There has been a marked shift among Balinese, a realignment of priorities in the wake of tragedy, and changing world opinion. Where in the past, tourists were taken for granted, bilked for that extra rupiah at every turn, and hurried along, many Balinese have reassessed what life is all about. Among tourists and ex-pats, the impression is that the Balinese mastery of “living in the moment” and coexisting with nature has intensified. Visitors are sure to find Balinese eager to sit for a chat and share a laugh (though the transport lads are still pretty relentless). The Balinese always welcomed visitors warmly, a sense of hospitality that has even increased of late. A visit to Bali is, as always, replete with kingly comforts, beautiful resorts, fine dining, and immersion in an ancient culture amid an island dreamscape.

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  • Geography: The island of Bali has rice terraces, beaches, volcanic mountains
  • Currency: Bali: Rupiah | Singapore: Dollar
  • Climate: Tropical

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