Around the World Cruises by AMT American Express Travel

Around the World Cruises by AMT, an American Express Travel Representative

With such a wide variety of choices that a potential traveler faces, around the world cruises offer the best opportunity to see as much as possible by one manner of transportation. Even before embarking on an around the world cruise, potential cruisers will be overwhelmed by the number of cruises that are available.
It is the ultimate vacation—a month to three month voyage that stops at a new port for a new set of exciting adventures each day. Not to mention the majestic ocean liners cruisers get the luxury of travelling on. Each and every day, new and magnificent horizons appear in front of passenger’s very eyes. Exotic and unusual locales from Asia and Australia to South America and Europe patiently await around the world cruisers discovery—new terrain to explore, diverse cultures to witness, and unforgettable memories to make. For ambitious travelers that are ready to see what the world has to offer, an around the world cruise is the ideal vacation. With cruises from four to even sixteen weeks, passengers can experience as much or as little as they’d like. Explore foreign corners of the earth without having to wait in various airports, or deal with checking luggage, or constantly having to pack and unpack personal belongings. Just climb onboard, unpack the suitcase, and get prepared for an experience of a lifetime! Around the world cruise lines are well versed in navigating the high seas and offer diverse itineraries that will leave passengers unsure of where to begin!  Leave from Los Angeles and sail across the glittering Pacific Ocean to Tahiti, Bora Bora, or Fiji in French Polynesia. Or leave from Florida and glide across the Caribbean and begin the adventure in the Bahamas. An around the world cruise will carry you through the Tropic of Capricorn all the way to New Zealand. Next is the Sydney Harbor, followed by the Indian Ocean, Bali, and Borneo. Before the passengers have the time to realize it, an entire month will have flown right by. Sail across the South China Sea and stop over in Hong Kong, legendary for its architecture and the international exhilaration it brings to tourists. Leave this dazzling spot of the Orient and experience Vietnam, chock full of scrumptious, spicy exotic food, as well as unbelievable sights. Do not hesitate! Begin planning your around the world cruise today by contacting an AMT, an American Express Travel Representative agent today at 1-(800)-999-2599.