amy2Meet Amy Sidawi

I have been in the travel industry for over 25 years and visited 4 continents, and taken over 16 cruises. When I visit any country I make sure that I visit the new tourist areas and new restaurants. Due to my personal conviction to help people learn more about travel in the Middle East. I am familiar with all the different areas within the country, the spectacular food, and the best tours to take. I will customize tours to fit the traveler’s needs.


I am deeply connected to Israel and its people through my husband’s family, who are spread all over the country. This and my many visits to this magical destination give me insight into the culture that few can boast. Israel is old and new at once-just look at Tel Aviv’s high rises and Jaffa’s ancient souks. I’ll guide you to the best of both worlds, from the Can’t-miss attractions to the places most tourists never see. Ask me where to find the most scrumptious falafel you’ll ever taste and how to avoid immigration troubles when traveling between Islamic countries. Imagine skiing Mt. Hermon, visiting a winery, and taking a sunset horseback ride-all on the same day! I’ll create an itinerary that includes all your favorite things. I’ll even share the spot where you can swim with wild dolphins and make the advance reservations you need to experience the adventure. Call today and partner with the Insider who’s got the skills to bring all of Israel’s wonder to light.


I give lectures about what makes Egypt so unique, so you could certainly call it my passion. In many visits to my Egyptian family members, I’ve learned how to barter like a local; I’ve got tons of tips to pass along, as well as knowledge of the best shopping spots from Alexandria to Cairo. Various modes of travel are used throughout these lands; I’ve taken a Nile cruise, a train journey, and a slow-paced jaunt in a traditional felucca, powered by nothing but the current. I’ll help you keep track of the holy days when many establishments are closed, so you don’t miss any of the must-sees on your wish list. Ask for my suggestions on the most succulent meat kebabs and tabouleh in the country, and you won’t be disappointed. I can even guide you to a stunning oasis town so isolated, it has its own language; or arrange a light show viewing with the Pyramids as the backdrop. Sound too good to be true? Contact me today and discover just how easily all this wonder can be yours.


Dubai is one of the top destinations in the world. It’s a modern glittering city with beaches, traditional souks, and bazaars, and an open desert nearby is a joy to behold. There are always lots to do in Dubai; there are massive malls with tax-free boutiques, lots of activities, exciting sports, festivals, and great food!

My family speaks the language so I have a true insight into the cultural history, customs, food, and entertainment. We keep updated daily with all the changes that happen in Dubai. A trip to Dubai is educational, luxurious, modern, and historic. I want your trip to be a perfect experience and I use my extensive knowledge and experience to make your journey exactly what you would want it to be.


The United Arab Emirates is a wonderfully diverse nation. You can see towering skyscrapers, vast deserts, and snorkel all within the same country! This nation holds a fascination for me as it is always striving to outdo itself, whether by building the world’s tallest building, creating the world’s only 7-star hotel, or making man-made islands in the shape of all the countries in the world, while still holding on to traditional cultural values leave you always guessing about the UAE.

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