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Dubai is one of the top destinations of the world.  It’s a modern glittering city with beaches, traditional souks and bazaars, and an open desert nearby are a joy to behold.
There is always lots to do in Dubai; there are massive malls with tax-free boutiques, lots of activities, exciting sports, festivals and great food!

About Me:

I have been in the travel industry for over 25 years and visited 4 continents, and made the Middle East my specialty.  Not only have I been there, but I am very familiar with the destination
My family speaks the language so I have a true insight to the cultures history, customs, food, and entertainment. We keep updated daily with all the changes that happen in Dubai.
A trip to Dubai is educational, luxurious, modern and historic.  I want your trip to be a perfect experience and I use my extensive knowledge and experience to make your journey exactly what you would want it to be.
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