Alaska Cruises

By AMT Travel, An American Express Travel Representative

If you’re searching for a cruise that offers wild nature at its finest, from the luxury of a stateroom or balcony cabin, an Alaskan cruise should be high on your list. If your very first idea is “Alaska… cool!” you’re right on two points, as even in the moderate summertime season, you must still bring along a sweatshirt. Get on the ship and get up here since Alaska is a natural marvel through and through, and the seaside panhandle area, perfect for cruise viewing, just might be the most spectacular part of the state. Alaska cruises will port in charming seaside towns like Ketchikan and Skagway, and visit sensational harbors like Juneau. Cruising the coast of Alaska buys you a front-row ticket to the very best of nature; consisting of fjords, wildlife, and mountains galore. And for a bonus you’ll get nowhere else, bring field glasses and watch magnificent whales at play. For more information or to book an Alaskan Cruise, contact our Alaska Cruise Specialists at AMT Travel: (800) 999-2599.