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Ten Reasons You Should Use AMT Travel, An American Express Travel Representative:

1. AMT, an American Express Travel Representative, is “the name you know, and the brand you trust.” We have earned that trust by delivering excellent service to our clients year after year.

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2. You have Travel Specialists at your fingertips. We have established relationships with the top companies in the travel industry and the experience to quickly find what you need.

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3. You get top value for your investment. It’s nice to discover a free upgrade, a complimentary bottle of champagne, or a perk you would not have enjoyed by booking travel on your own.

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4. Your AMT Travel Insider does the legwork. You can spend that time selecting a wardrobe and making personal arrangements for your upcoming vacation. Everything else will be done for you.

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5. Your AMT Travel Insider coordinates the ‘total package’– flight, ground transportation, timetables, excursions, packages, exclusives, advice on packing, weather, currencies…everything.

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6. You have assistance day and night worldwide. Membership has its privileges; there are offices and assistance when and where you need it.

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7. You are never a nameless face. Why book anonymously via a search engine when you can have a real person with real experience, working to deliver the best service possible?

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8. Travel is what we do. We are AMT Travel Insiders both by education and years of travel, experiencing all seven continents.

9. You can enjoy Membership Rewards, earning points for travel, and using points to pay for travel.

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10. American Express card holders enjoy exclusive benefits, perks and protection when booking your vacation with your American Express card. Call us today at (800) 999-2599.

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